Growing food at home has never been so simple App support 24/7, seed to plate guidance
Results in as little as 24 hours, eat within 7 days
Improved chance of success
Learn as you grow
Benefiting households Produce scarce in supermarkets, grown at home
Money back in pockets by reducing food bills
Not only grow with us, but cook too
Designed to cater for all households
Sustainable Planet Benefiting communities Reduce the 40% of Fruit & Veg imported to the UK
'Do your bit', help reduce carbon emissions
Enabling all households to grow at home
Not only can you eat, sell or donate your fresh produce
A first of its kind app Daily notifications and instructions
Fun quizzes with lots to learn
Earn streaks, points and prizes
Growing at home is lots of fun for all

Supporting both physical and mental health with our indoor grow box

Our Harho Grow Box offers more than just growing greens; it’s a complete and enjoyable journey for both the body and mind.  

Choose Fresh

Home-grown fruits and vegetables are richer in nutrients and flavor compared to store-bought varieties, making them an excellent choice for healthier eating.

Mental Health

Growing your own food with Harho benefits not just your body, but also your mind, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being.

Family Growth

Harho encourages family involvement in food cultivation, particularly benefiting children by fostering healthier eating habits and boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Avoid Pesticides

By using Harho for growing food, you minimise exposure to harmful pesticides, which, despite regulations, can still be present in trace amounts in commercially farmed produce.

We make growing food at home accessible to all

With our new indoor grow box, growing greens at home is made easier than it’s ever been with the help of our dedicated, first of it’s kind app

Why our App is changing gardening forever

From the moment a Harho box is opened, the app has you covered for 12 months of growing. Regardless of prior experience, innovative ‘seed to plate’ smartphone technology provides notifications, alerts and guidance to effectively grow food at home. Fresh, organic, chemical free produce to fit on your windowsill.

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No extra items required- it's all in a Harho Box

Seeds, Soil, equipment - Every Harho box ensures no additional purchases are required to grow fresh fruit and vegetables. We provide a spray bottle to water your plants and a seed placement tool, we've thought of all the small details so you don't have to

Reducing the risk of failure

The support of the app ensures the chances of success have never been higher with Harho. In addition to providing support with day to day tasks such as watering and feeding, the app also provides guidance on Harvesting, Watering, Health Benefits & much more- all part of our ambition to maximise growth success.

Introducing Our Indoor Grow Box

Grow 13 different greens from the comfort of you own home

What you get in each box

Harho icon transparent

x3 Propagators

Ready to grow your greens

Harho icon transparent

x13 packets of seeds

You'll receive the finest seeds available

Harho icon transparent

x2 packets of Coco & Coir Soil

The very best soil available packed with nutrients

Harho icon transparent

Mini Mist Spray

Perfect to water your greens

Harho icon transparent

Seed planter

Ensuring seeds are placed to precision

Harho icon transparent

Full access to our app

Our app has you covered every step of the way, from set up daily alerts

Why grow with Harho


We make it An enjoyable experience

Reconnect with nature by enjoying a new growing experience. Get reminders daily to water and check your grow, learn as your grow, win prizes from streaks

planet earth

Reduce your carbon footprint

50% of fruit and veg provided by supermarkets is imported from outside of the UK.

Grow at home and reduce the amount of air, sea and road transit.

Sustainable gardening

made easy.

healthy food

Eat Healthier

Our carefully planned growing schedule means you can grow meals, not just fruit and veg. Not only that, unlike supermarket produce,

Harho fruit and veg are free from chemicals

Growing food at home has never been so easy...

Experience the joys of growing your own greens with the help of Harho




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Frequently Asked Questions

Paired with our app, everything thats required to grow fresh, tasty produce from seeds!
Seeds, propagators, humidty lids, Water bottle, seed planter and the finest Coco & Cooir soil 

In the past Yes, with Harho No – We’ve taken years of experience and built into an easy to follow App – All you need to do is have you phone alerts switched on

UK Mainland – England, Scotland, Wales 

Your delivery will arrive in 5-7 working days although we strive to make it quicker.

We created the app to help you ensure that you get the highest quality produce from your harvest. Our specifically tailored app will send you alerts to keep you on track and show you what each produce should look like at certain stages throughout the journey

Of course, Harho is primarily designed for new gardeners – The app takes away the need for any prior gardening experience

Every step of the way. Beyond our App, we have a dedicated community forum in addition to the Harho support team.

What our customers have said about Harho

client img

Before Harho, I would grow veg in the garden with what little time I had spare, my children love it! Harho allows us to grow and eat fruit and veg weekly. Our 9 year loves how she contributes to the household, her Dad has even increased her pocket money, Harho is a must for all families!

Mrs Neale

Mum of two
client img

Supermarkets are so expensive and I don’t have much space being away at Uni, I bought a Harho box and it even fits on a balcony! Such a clever idea, design is really cool too.

David Moffat

client img

The app is clear and easy to follow, it really helped keep my plants up this year. With the recipes too, making soups and salads have never been so easy.



What you get in your indoor growing box


You'll receive the finest seeds available


Perfect for the early stages of growing

Seed planter

Ensuring seeds are placed to precision

Coir Soil

Premium soil which boosts the growing process

App support

The app has you covered every step of the way

Mini Mist Spray

Perfect for watering your plants

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