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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a read of the frequently asked questions about all aspects of Harho.

The app

In the past Yes, with Harho No – We’ve taken years of experience and built into an easy to follow App – All you need to do is have you phone alerts switched on

We provide the app, all you need is a smart phone

You’ll receive step by step support for a 12 month period. After that, we have different options on how Harho can support your future harvesting needs. 

Your Harvest

Of course, Harho is primarily designed for new gardeners – The app takes away the need for any prior gardening experience

Every step of the way. Beyond our App, we have a dedicated community forum in addition to the Harho support team.

It varies per box however the amount of produce grown in all our boxes equates to a cost saving when comparing to the cost if purchased within a supermarket (Data Tesco online as of Nov 22) 


We deliver throughout Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, we plan to launch UK wide from Summer 2023

You will receive the installation box within 5 working days of an order being placed

No, over the course of a year we will send you seeds for 12 months worth of harvesting

My order

Everything you need to grow fruit and veg, from seed to plate – A 6 compartment Harbag to plant your produce, seeding soil, a Harhouse to protect against bugs and create the perfect growing climate, seeds, seedling pots and most importantly – A digital gardener on your phone to prompt you every step of the way!

Outdoor soil is by far the heaviest part of a Harho box. We continue to strive to protect our environment by keeping the transit of soil to a minimum. In certain areas we will provide the option to purchase soil from one of our local partners. Alternatively, you may need to arrange delivery with a local gardening supplier or farm

 Yes, as part of a Harho box we provide seedling soil. This soil will allow you to start growing for the first few weeks, after that you will need outdoor soil. 


We have many different options within each of our 3 boxes, click here for options  

With our app they are. When your harvest is ready, we will provide the recipe options available with a step by step cooking guide to get the food to your plate. 

Extremely, as well as being tasty and fresh! 

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