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You wont find anyone more passionate in helping households grow food at home. Our boxes are affordable for all, they save money on your food bills, reduce landfill contributions and support fair trade within your community.

We’ve thought of everything

At Harho, we know how busy life can be. That’s why, from the moment you receive your box, our app has you covered every step of the way.

We’ll help you plant your seeds, grow your seeds into produce and most importantly provide meal examples to enjoy your freshly grown produce.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, gardening for the modern world

Doing your bit for the planet

Nothing pleases us more than reducing the amount of transit our food requires, an estimated 50% of all fruit and vegetables are imported from outside of the UK.

Growing with Harho also means zero chemicals used within the growing process, the more collectively we contribute, the bigger the impact. We grow together, we win together  

tonnes of food wasted daily
in savings
of incredible meals

I’m incredibly proud of what Harho brings to the UK. By blending smartphone technology with the art of gardening, Harho empowers even the most inexperienced gardeners to cultivate a variety of fruits and vegetables right at home. This innovative approach enables the simultaneous growth of multiple crops. Moreover, Harho significantly curtails food shopping expenses while also lessening the strain on the environment. A staggering 50% of supermarket-sourced fruits and vegetables are imported, placing a heavy reliance on foreign produce. By embracing Harho’s concept of communal growth, we can collectively triumph, fostering sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Ryan Hughes – Harho Founder

What our customers are saying

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Before Harho, I would grow veg in the garden with what little time I had spare, my children love it! Harho allows us to grow and eat fruit and veg weekly. Our 9 year loves how she contributes to the household, her Dad has even increased her pocket money, Harho is a must for all families!


Mum of two
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Supermarkets are so expensive and I don’t have much space being away at Uni, I bought a Harho box and it even fits on a balcony! Such a clever idea, design is really cool too.


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The only thing I’ve ever grown is wings, the app is clear and really easy to follow. Making salads and soups has never been so easy.



We go above and beyond

Whilst we provide all the tools, knowledge and guidance to grow independently. Our trained super gardeners provide 24 hour support via the Harho forum. Whatever it takes, we will support your every step of the way.


We’ll deliver your product within 5 working days of order

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Cost effective solution putting money back in pockets


Guides you every step of the way from seed to plate

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Everything you need to grow is in one small box

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