Grow Greens At Home Indoor Box


What you grow

  • A variety of 13 different greens
  • Can be grown across a 12 month period
  • Results in as little as 24 hours
  • 12 months access to our app

Delivery available now

Available Summer 2023

Product description

The Harho Pro Grow Kit is your gateway to indoor greenery, specially designed for cultivating the 13 greens that bring nature’s goodness to your home. With an affordable price point and a compact design, this kit is tailored for growing the freshest greens right in your living space. Its green base and clear shell top offer an unobtrusive yet stylish addition to your indoor environment.

Key Features:

1. Heightened Lid:

Our kit boasts a heightened lid, providing ample space for the 13 greens’ growth. It accommodates seed germination and young plant development, making it ideal for nurturing these greens from start to finish.

2. Thicken 0.8mm Material:

Unlike other kits, which may use thinner materials, our seed trays are built from robust 0.8mm PVC. This guarantees durability and long-lasting performance, ensuring your greens thrive indoors.

3. Unique Design:

The kit’s design includes an adjustable window for humidity control, allowing you to tailor the growing environment to the specific needs of the 13 greens. Transparent seed trays let you observe and celebrate the growth of your indoor garden.

4. Perfect Size for Greens:

– Whether you have a windowsill, balcony, or limited indoor space, this mini greenhouse is your go-to solution for cultivating these nutritional powerhouses.

5. Compatibility with Indoor Conditions:

– Our kit is crafted to thrive in indoor conditions, making it perfect for year-round green growth. No matter the season, you can enjoy fresh, homegrown greens whenever you desire.

6. Additional Accessories:

Along with the kit, you’ll receive plant labels and small garden tools. These accessories enhance your indoor gardening experience, ensuring the successful growth of the 13 greens.

Who it’s for:

Home Gardeners:

Perfect for individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of growing the 13 greens in the comfort of their home.

Educational Institutions:

An excellent tool for schools and educational programs to teach students about plant growth and nutrition through hands-on experience.

Indoor Gardening Enthusiasts:

Whether you’re an urban dweller or simply love the convenience of indoor gardening, this kit is tailored for your green thumb.

What You Get In Each Box


You'll receive the finest seeds available to create the tastiest produce possible


Your perfect home for the early stages of growing, seed to plant

Seed planter

Ensuring seeds are placed to precision

Coir Soil

Coco & Coir provides enhanced soil boosting the growing process

App support

From seed to plate, the app has you covered every step of the way

Mini Mist Spray

Our mist spray is used to water your grow and make sure that you have everything your plants need

Your Growing Schedule

*Once you make your purchase everything is made simple via our app including what to do next, how to guides and daily support via notifications.

5 reviews for Grow Greens At Home Indoor Box

  1. Avatar


    Only a week in but everything is as easy as they make out. My box arrived in 48 hours. It looked the part following on from their cause to be sustainable. Everything was in the box that should be. Now the app. Genius. I struggle with everything instruction based but this mapped out everything I needed to do. I enjoy the quiz questions. I’m on a 3 day streak, I can see myself becoming addictive. Love being reminded to check my boxes. Yes. All in all a great start and I look forward to enjoying seeing my plants grow. Of which, my cress is always showing out of the soil. How exciting.

    • Admin_harho


      Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We’re so excited to see you enjoying the app. Please tell everyone you know about us. Ryan.

  2. Avatar


    This is great fun, who would have thought I would enjoy answering questions and getting told to water my greens was so enjoyable. I do this with my 5 year old daughter and of course some questions are too advanced for her (so it would be good to have a kids section), but doesn’t take away from what a great overall product this is. Keep up the good work Harho!

    • Admin_harho


      Thank you for your kinds words Cheryl! We promise this is something we are working on, watch this space. Ryan.

  3. Avatar


    In love with the idea.
    In love with the concept.
    Can’t wait for my box to arrive to get started.
    We MUST get more people trying initiatives like this.
    More feedback coming soon 💚

    • Admin_harho


      Thanks Liz, we hope all is going well. Please let us know how you are getting on!

  4. Avatar


    Bloody genius

    • Admin_harho


      Thank you Jonny, please make sure you tell your friends about us.

  5. Avatar


    This works, it really works. Not that I was a sceptic of course. A very enjoyable process even for an absolute beginner.

    • Admin_harho


      Thank you Anthony, we hope you’re enjoying your experience

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