Harho How it works

Why growing with us is different

We provide everything

Seeds, Soil, equipment - Every Harho box ensures no additional purchases are required to grow fresh fruit and vegetables. We provide a spray bottle to water your plants and a seed placement tool, we've thought of all the small details so you don't have to

App support 24/ 7

From the moment you order your box you gain access to our industry leading app. We send daily alerts to check your grow. When the weather changes we give tips and advice. We also share excellent tutorials which will make sure your harvest has the very best chance of success.

Online community via our forum

We have built a forum for all of our Harho growers to ask questions and learn from our in house team of experts. There will never be a time where you feel alone, or need to be unsure...we are here to help.

Learn about how it works

Buy a Harho box and you could soon be saving money, reducing your carbon footprint and enjoying your harvest at home with your family and friends. Never before has growing your own food been so simple thanks to the help of Harho

Harho Box

Choose your box

Four different types boxes to choose from, all providing different varieties of produce dependent on your household



Within your personalised Harho app, you’ll find easy to follow installation instructions – Don’t worry though, our products is pop up meaning no screwdrivers required



Along with your seeds, you’ll also receive the finest seedling soil to start the growing process indoors - Once ready for the outdoors, we’ll notify you.



Once outdoors, there’s a few things we’ll work together on. Timings and instruction for watering, weeding and pruning will all be prompted

Harvest 3


Once ready for your plate. We provide meal examples to ensure produce use is maximised. We’ll also provide storage techniques to ensure your produce is not wasted.


Community Trading

Box bigger than your belly? Harho provides a platform to allow your home grown produce to be traded within your local community.

What our customers are saying

client img

Before Harho, I would grow veg in the garden with what little time I had spare, my children love it! Harho allows us to grow and eat fruit and veg weekly. Our 9 year loves how she contributes to the household, her Dad has even increased her pocket money, Harho is a must for all families!

Mrs Neale

Mum of two
client img

Supermarkets are so expensive and I don’t have much space being away at Uni, I bought a Harho box and it even fits on a balcony! Such a clever idea, design is really cool too.

David Moffat

client img

The app is clear and easy to follow, it really helped keep my plants up this year. With the recipes too, making soups and salads have never been so easy.


harho app

The first of its kind. A digital solution to growing our own fruit an veg

We are here to support you every day throughout the journey. From the moment your delivery arrives, you have our support. We send daily reminders, advise on your  grow, we even tell you if it’s ready to take your harvest to your plate.

Together, we can make savings whilst delivering a more sustainable future.

Frequently asked questions

What do I get in each box?

Paired with our app, everything thats required to grow fresh, tasty produce from seeds!
Seeds, propagators, humidty lids, Water bottle, seed planter and the finest Coco & Cooir soil 

Where do you deliver?

UK Mainland – England, Scotland, Wales 

How long does my delivery take

Your delivery will arrive in 5-7 working days although we strive to make it quicker.

Can you help me with my harvest?

Every step of the way. Beyond our App, we have a dedicated community forum in addition to the Harho support team.